October 04, 2016

5 Reasons Why Chance the Rapper is the 'Old Kanye'


  On Kanye West's last album "The Life of Pablo", he had a song entitled I Love Kanye.  On this song, he rapped in sort of an outside perspective about himself.  Everybody says they miss the old Kanye, and that song was sort of a parody on that.  Well the truth is, we do miss the old Kanye; but have no fear, there's a new prodigy.  His name is Chance the Rapper, and he gives us that same feel that Kanye did when he first came in the game.  Here's a few reasons why Chance is the "old Kanye"


1. His Affinity for Samples: We all remember how Kanye West loved sampling.  His first major hit "Through the Wire" had a famous Chaka Khan sample.  Similarly, samples are found throughout Chance the Rappers projects, specifically his new hit single "Problems" ft. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne.

2. His gospel-themed songs: When Kanye first came out he frequently talked about God and his religious background.  He even had a hit single entitled "Jesus Walks".  In Chance's Coloring Book, gospel-themed songs are riddled throughout the project.  One thing is for sure, Chance is far from shy when it comes to his religious background.

3. He's from Chicago: Chance is putting on for the Chi like old Kanye did when he first came out.

4. His conscious yet relatable style:  When Kanye first made his appearance, it was interesting to hear his conscious yet relatable rap style in an era dominated by rappers flaunting about their criminal background and money.  Chance's entrance into the game is similar to that of old Kanye's.  They both had a conscious type of style that was still so relatable to your average joe.

5. His sing songy flow: Although neither the old Kanye nor Chance are breathtaking singers, they both find a way to insert a sing-songy flow in their tracks.  Their ear for melodies on songs is incredible and they have no issue flaunting it. 


While no one can ever be the old Kanye or the new Kanye, Chance the Rapper gives us a certain nostalgic feel that we love.  Kanye loves it too, as he has publicly said that Chance the Rapper is the future.