September 26, 2015

Flex w/ Flex Watch

ATTENTION 'CUT FROM A DIFFERENT CLOTH' COMMUNITY: Flex your style with the new Flex Watches! Since 2011, Flex Watch has been creating watches inspired by living in the now and staying flexible throughout life. The new Flex Watch is now water resistant up to 100 feet and features a multifunction movement with 3 sub dials. There's a 60 second timer, a day of the week hand as well as a day of the month hand, and all movements are controlled by one single knob. Other features include crystal glass, micron gold plating, and a stainless steel back plate. Pre-order your new flex watch today, exclusively available through the Flex Watch Kickstarter campaign. Big ups to Flex Watch for having already achieved their $25,000 funding goal with still 17 days left to go!