September 25, 2015

Pope Francis: The Hip Hop Pope



 Five-time Grammy Winner, Malik Yusef, has dubbed Pope Francis the "Hip Hop Pope" and with good reason.  As we know, the Pope has been the talk of the town around the country; His arrival in NYC has been discussed heavily across all media.  I haven't taken much time to check on what the Pope is doing, but I did see him in his whip. He was cruising down the street in an all white jeep with no windows on the side, just a glass covering, so the people can see and feel him.  This is exactly what Malik Yusef meant when he said "He does fly things.. " and "He tricks out his vehicle" and "He does all the things that other Popes wouldnt touch".  Listen to the full segment HERE.   




  In the meantime, I am in agreement with dubbing Pope Francis as the first Hip Hop Pope.