September 20, 2015

Drake x Future - What A Time To Be Alive [Full Album Review]


  The internet has been ablaze with news, memes, and praise of Drake and Future's new collaborative album, What A Time To Be Alive.  Many have even compared it to Watch the Throne.  As we know, Drake and Future are seemingly at the top of the rap game right now, so for them to drop a collaborative album is just perfect.  With Drake just coming out of a beef with Meek Mill (on-top), and Future coming off of three highly praised mixtapes and an album, how can this album fail?  Let's see!  Read my full album review below.

1. Digital Dash:  This first track sets the tone of the whole album; right away you can tell that this song has more of a Future sounding influence than Drake.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised by Future's verse, sounds much better than his usual freestyle mumbling.  Drake brings it home in his verse using the same flow as Future.  Solid track and cool spacy production.    8/10

2. Big Rings: We get an aggressive yelling Drizzy on this song, and yes it works but sounds a little bit outdated (Ocho cinco, Im a Wild Boy type vibe).  I'm a big fan of MetroBoomin production, but this one doesn't hit like it should.  When Future comes on it sounds like his auto-tune is out of tune.  The hook kind of saves this song to be honest; simple but very hype.  7.5/10

3. Live From the Gutter: Eerie sample, 808's, upbeat drum pattern; everything about this song works.  This almost sounds like a mix between Started from the Bottom and Back to Back.  Future delivers once again with his gully street and money talk. Drake also delivers with a flawless flow.  Crank this one loud!   9.5/10

4. Diamonds Dancing:  This is everything you want from a Future and Drake collab.  This track has the perfect balance of ignorance, melody, and Lit-ness (yea I said it).  "Ballin in the middle of the club no jersey, I don't want no liquor cuz I been drinking that dirty"  When the beat drops you have no choice but to turn up; this is going to be a hit in the clubs (strip and night alike). MetroBoomin, Allen Ritter, and Frank Dukes came together to make this production awesome. Codeine Crazy x 100.  10/10

5. Scholarships: Has a similar vibe to Thought it Was A Drought off DS2.  Couldn't help but laugh at Future actually saying "Hubby, hubby" but other than that there is nothing laughable about this track.  This is the one you pour up to and say FTW! Drake out-shined Future on this one flow-wise, but they both did their thing.  Very solid track and the bass knocks ridiculous (as it should)    9/10

6. Plastic Bag:  A stripper anthem, what a shocker! What would a Future and Drake album be without one of these.  Both rappers are avid strip club goers and stripper lovers.  "Get a plastic bag, go ahead and pick up all the cash. You danced all night you deserve it" It's glad to see that Drake's stripper empowerment movement is still going strong, and Future has joined the movement as well.  On a more serious note though this is a nice change of pace to the album, more mellow and relaxing but still a nice fit for this album. 9/10

7. I'm the Plug:  This is my least favorite song on the album; I literally almost skipped it and when Drake's verse came on it forced me to keep listening.  Yea, Drake's verse definitely saved this song from total and complete failure. It would have been better with 2 Drake verses and Future on the hooks.  "Everything I do is on purpose, I'm blowing up like its urgent. She was acting like a virgin, I gave it to her then I curved her" -Drake.      6/10

8. Change Locations:  Yes.  Another perfect fit for both Future and Drake.  I really like the 2 part hook when it's split between Future and Drake.  It worked on My B*tches Love Me, it worked on Diamonds Dancing, and it definitely works on this as well.  Shoutout to the shots Drake takes at Meek Mill in his verse too.  But seriously c'mon Drake, at this point you're kicking a dead body.  9.5/10

9. Jumpan: If you liked Where Ya At from DS2, you will rock with this track.  This is definitely a head-knocker.  Drake brags of his new Michael Jordan deal and getting texts from the man, the myth, and the legend himself.  "Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman Metro Boomin on production"  9/10

10. Jersey:  Another eerie sounding beat which we can thank Metro Boomin and Southside for.  Classic Future sound on this one as well; by now it's clear there has been more of a Future influence on this whole project.  Solid song, would've liked a Drake verse, but the next song is all Drake to make up for it. 8/10

11. 30 for 30 Freestyle: The only Drakish sounding song on the whole album, which makes sense considering it's produced by 40. Drake definitely swags out on this one and makes some aggressive, braggadocios statements without even raising his voice.  He should have called this 3 AM in Atlanta.  That being said, the Drake and 40 sound never fails; great song. 9/10

Final Rating: 8.6

Future and Drake have really made a solid project here.  The two both bring their talents to the table in what comes together as a musical explosion of melodies, ignorance, autotune, and turn up.  Kind of a rough description but it works.  Hopefully we will hear more from both of them in the future. In the meantime, I'm sure your social media timelines will be flooded with memes like these below.