September 07, 2015

Motivational Monday: The Gentlemen's Gentlemen Project

PSA -- OUR YOUNG BROTHER'S MUST TRANSITION FROM SWAG TO STYLE, AND THEN TO CLASS. Superego presents this Motivational Monday x Labor Day Special, the Gentlemen's Gentlemen Project. Founder -- Ashton Woo (see image below) established this brotherhood not only to make well-groomed gentlemen out of the young men of our society, but also to motivate them to be positive leaders and craftsmen.
Woo created a brotherhood that uplifts, inspires and empowers the souls of people; he encourages a mentality of sharing with the world the creative ideas that give hope. Ashton definitely embodies the cut from a different cloth lifestyle. Be sure to check out the Gentlemen's Gentlemen Project tumblr. Support the movement!