August 15, 2016

4 Main Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana


1. Hemp can't get you high!
Many people use the word hemp when referring to Cannabis, but this is simply incorrect.  Despite what many people may think, the hemp plant can't get you high.  Although marijuana and hemp come from the same plant species, hemp is categorized differently because it contains little to no THC (< .03%). 
2. They are used completely differently.
Because of the difference of THC content, both plants are used completely differently.  Marijuana is typically used either medicinally or recreationally, by smoking or ingesting.  Hemp can be used for a variety of different products, from lotions and oils to clothing and even building materials
3. They are grown differently.
Since the two plants are used so differently, they must be grown differently.  Marijuana is typically grown indoors under specific light settings.  These growing settings are optimized to maximize the THC content in the flowery buds.  Quite the contrary, hemp is grown outdoors to maximize the size of the plant. 
4. Importing hemp products is not a crime!
If you try to import Marijuana into many countries you can end up in some big trouble.  Importing hemp products however (specifically into the USA) is not illegal.  In fact, it is estimated that the U.S. imports roughly half a billion dollars worth of industrial hemp products yearly.