June 19, 2015

Danny Froze - Mercy (Official Music Video)

Chicago native, Danny Froze really broke through local barriers and crossed that threshold to national clout with his "DeadBeat," music video release. The song alone is quite captivating as it recounts a very suspenseful Chiraq tale with a jaw-dropping twist ending; but the the video however, is most fulfilling as it compliments the composition in capturing that element of visual appeal (see scene below).
D Froze was well aware of the demand for more that he created upon his initial release, hence he immediately began working on the follow-up. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that follow-up released this morning at 11am EST...Superego is proud to present Danny Froze's official music video --"Mercy." While still family-oriented, this track takes a slightly different direction than "DeadBeat," and delivers more of a Tupac-feel. Tune in below: