June 09, 2015

Tech Tuesday: The Wrist Buddha

This week's Tech Tuesday presents WellBe, the lightweight bracelet crafted from eco-friendly cork that monitors the user’s heart rate via a patent pending algorithm to both, analyze and provide stress and calmness levels based on time, location and the people that the user comes into contact with. In a nutshell, this wearable device tracks the wellbeing of its users. WellBe syncs with the accompanying app (see image below) that delivers an in-depth overview of a person’s stress triggers and provides personalized stress reducing programs to help one retain a calm state of being. 
The app also offers programs for 7, 14 and 21 days from renowned mentors through the Mentors Channel, all designed to encourage you to adopt well-being as a habit. The WellBe Indiegogo Campaign ends this week, June 12; however, they have already achieved and exceeded their funding goal of 100K at 136%, raised by 963 people in 28 days. Contribute now for your chance to receive one of their campaign perks. Check out the video below for more information: