May 01, 2015

Fantasy Friday: Wale ft. Rihanna- Bmore Aware

Wale already has had a number 1 hit single with Rihanna entitled "Bad", however with this song they take a more conscious approach.  With all the uprise occurring in Baltimore, Wale and Rihanna have both expressed interest and concern in the situation. Wale actually visited a Baltimore High School, and Rihanna expressed her feelings over instagram.  Both artists are managed under Rocnation so this song is a no-brainer.  They come together with an emotional ode to awareness, and self-worth.
The goal of this song is empower young black youth, while also educating people on the history of the black struggle in America.
Songs like these are way to lacking. Let's make it happen Rocnation. 
Check out some footage of Wale in Baltimore below.