April 29, 2015

Wall-to-Wall Wednesday: Baltimore Gangs Speak Peace & Justice

Media where was you when we was walkin?
       One thing often forgotten about most of today's street gangs is that they are rooted in activists groups that sought to oversee protection for communities  that were ignored or oppressed by police i.e. most Black communities. Monday night, April 27, saw members of the Crips, Bloods, and BGF announce that they were forming a "new faction" which will be concerned with protecting the community, and stopping the senseless violence that is carried out by both private and public individuals.
It is truly an incredible moment when the community produces a response to the lack of security in their environment. If gangs can go back to nonlethal ways of meeting these goals by providing safe hangout spaces for kids where they can learn and strengthen their bond across neighborhoods, a new form of united people will emerge and demand their rights be met. This can only lead to a positive outcome for human rights everywhere. 
R.I.P Freddie Gray