April 19, 2015

Sustainable Sunday: The Traditional Non-traditional Toothbrush

Will toothbrushes and toothpaste become obsolete? This week's Sustainable Sunday presents Miswak, also termed the "chewing stick," a naturally created toothbrush plucked from a tree. With this product, the Miswak Club offers a sustainable oral hygiene alternative that may prove more effective than brushing. The miswak is uniquely suited to brushing teeth because of a combination of silica and natural antiseptics found inside the sap that comes from the salvadora persica tree, native to Africa and Southeast Asia. You start using it by chewing on one end, breaking it into bristles then brush with the bristles like you always have. See full instructions below:
The chewing releases saliva that helps to fight tooth decay. The silica is an abrasive, which cleans teeth the same way baking soda or manufactured toothpaste does. The natural antiseptics kill the bacteria that cause bad breath and mouth ulcers, just like store-bought mouthwash. Use the following link to sign up and get early access to Miswak packages with 30% off: The Miswak Club