May 23, 2015

Superego Saturday: Modern day Rappers vs Their Old School Counterparts

Many people say that the current state of hip-hop is in a bad place; this is arguable.  There is a lot of new-comers that are keeping the core essence of hip-hop alive.  Regardless of how you feel about certain artists, styles, and sounds, one thing is for certain, hip-hop is headed in a new direction.  Despite the new direction rap is headed in, you can always draw comparisons from Modern Day Rappers and their Old School Counterparts; lets check some out.


Danny Brown and ODB








 Unorthodox, drugged out, wild, and a very disheveled appearance makes Danny Brown and ODB almost identical in style. 

Action Bronson vs Ghostface Killah

 There is no denying that both of these artists have unique wordplay mixed in with a few humorous bars as well, but one thing that can't be denied is that these two rappers voices are practically identical.

J. Cole vs Nas

 Let Nas Down, one of the stand-out tracks on Cole's second album gained a lot of attention when the God MC, Nas, responded with a remix verse.  In this verse, Nas declared "Here's the crown, pass it to you like nothing n*gga", a very humbling moment for J. Cole.  Both of these artists have meaningful content, a message, and a mission to affect a whole generation.

Biggie vs Rick Ross

 OK OK, before you crucify me let me explain why these two are very comparible.  There is no doubt that Biggie is a better rapper than Rick Ross, but both of these artists boast a braggadocios lifestyle of versace, fast cars, women, and how they both came from the bottom.  Both also decided to stick close by Diddy (although Rick Ross never signed to Bad Boy).

Tupac vs Kendrick Lamar

 Kendrick made a last minute decision to not call his album 2 Pimp A Caterpillar (2PAC) but instead, 2 Pimp A Butterfly. Although he didn't name his album after his idol, his message, aura, and content scream 2Pac all over.  It is eerie, but Kendrick mentions dreams of 2Pac talking to him, and even has a fake conversation between himself and Pac at the end of his last album.

2 Chainz vs Slick Rick

 This comparison is very superficial and apparent; I mean look at these guys, its obvious they only care about two things: copious amounts of gold and swagging out to the max.