April 01, 2015

Wall-to-Wall Wednesday: The HeartBreak Elixir+

Did the one that you love leave you? April 1st isn't the only time that some of us get played like a fool. Sometimes its during that blistering winter, blazing summer or breezy fall that we get hit with those heart-dropping phrases: "We have to talk," "This isn't working," or "It's not you, it's me." Perhaps the heartbreak is the result of losing a loved one to the great divide. Regardless of type, the pain strikes sharp and hard alike. The heartache is seemingly unbearable and you are finding it extremely difficult to cope...but there is a cure -- YOU!
Social Entrepreneur, Mitchell Royél has reinvented his unique brand tailored to the millennial generation, now focusing on their respective reflections regarding heartbreak. Models, Actors, and Recording Artists among others share their experience via The HeartBreak Elixir+. Check out an excerpt from Royél's open letter on twitter below and be sure to tune in to the online publication: 

“A few months ago, right before I started writing the second issue of my magazine, I went through an extremely, extremely, extremely, difficult situation that left my heart shattered. I’m just hitting the main points. For the first time in my 22 year old life, I experienced writers block. I felt defeated, not because my heart was broken, but because I felt like my personal life was interfering with my ability to inspire you. I cannot even begin to tell convey the devastation conjured within my heart upon coming to that realization. I kept pushing.

Along with our conversation, I was engaging in a daily conversation with my friends in Los Angeles. We talked for hours about the trials and tribulations of love and heartbreak. An important realization that we all came to, was that when we simplified our heartbreaks to their rawest form, we were all experiencing the same heartbreak. And we all had different ways to getting to Rome. After all this conversation, I felt rejuvenated and ready to do the damn thang. I was so inspired and ready to write. Liberation had arrived. As I started writing, something within me didn’t feel right. Because the words I was typing weren’t my own. They were my friends words. They were your words. I then did something I had never done before. I resigned from my own magazine.”