March 02, 2015

Project Brown Girls

The mission of Project Brown Girls is to be a Beacon of Light for Underprivileged African American females as they enter into adulthood. For every $1000 raised, one underprivileged African American girl is covered for all prom expenses. That's right -- ticket, dress, photos, limo, dinner and MORE, ALL PAID FOR!
Applicants must have a 2.5 GPA, exemplar school attendance, be pursuing post-secondary education, and must write a 1 page essay on why they deserve the donation. The goal is to not only help with prom expenses, but more importantly to continue to help encourage, build self-esteem, guide, and mentor the young girls of our community. 

The project is still in great need of donations. Please support. Donations can be made at or The application is also available online for any young women interested in applying.