March 06, 2015

Fantasy Friday: 2016 Bentley SUV

Remember when 2 Chainz rapped "Going online like 'When they gon make that Bentley Truck?'" Well, it seems that 2 Chainz' fantasy might be finally coming true soon.  On the Bentley site, they are giving a not so sneak peak at the Bentley Bentayga. Let's get one thing clear, I can not afford a Bentley (let alone a Bentley SUV)... but as I did some deeper digging online, it intrigued me more and more.  Can you imagine what kind of features this thing will have?

So yeah, it isn't official official yet, but let's hope Bentley follows through and releases this very classy looking SUV.  I'm sure if they do, we will see numerous amounts of them in hip-hop videos in the years to come and we can all live vicariously through these rappers that love to spend so frivolously.