February 27, 2015

Fantasy Friday: Money & Violence Season 2

This week's Fantasy Friday presents the most popular and pivotal Urban Web Series since Nam -- Monday & Violence. The low-budget Youtube drama about your everyday hustlers (i.e. drug dealers and stick-up kids) does a phenomenal job at capturing the essence of struggles and distractions that exist in the black community. Tune in and witness a very realistic peek into the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Featured below are the trailer and pilot episode. 
Catch the entire Season 1 via Cloud9TV's Youtube Channel. You can also 'Catch the Cloud' and check out some of the cast as well as the season finale on the main site. Keep your eyes peeled for Season 2. Will Rafe survive? Has Kane become a menace to society? Is Tye finally going to get what he has coming to him? Comment below with your predictions and hashtag your favorite character.