February 07, 2015

Superego Saturday: Once in a Full Moon

Once in a full moon, the Skybar at Mondrian, Los Angeles host their 'Full Moon Bazaar' event; and this past Thursday, February 5 was that lunar phase, only...the completely illuminated disc this month was complemented with a '#CFADC' presence as the Full Moon Bazaar celebrated the Grammy's with Superego Clothiers! 

While there many stunning brands overlooking the Los Angeles skyline, Superego definitely set the tone with interactions -- from supporters in awe, laughter, and to those even in imagination of how they plan to rock their newly purchased #CFADC certified gear! The following are just a couple captures:  

The night was profound with energy, including a performance by Dana Williams as well as DJ sets by Zach Shields and Lola Langusta, among other appearances (see flyer below). The Full Moon Bazaar offers a bit of everything: fashion, music, art. 


Keep you eyes peeled for the full moon of March. Until then, stay sustained and cut from a different cloth. #CFADC