January 24, 2015

Superego Saturday: Audubon- Le Trap Affair (Mixtape Review)

Audubon is a rapper that grew up in Manhattan since a small child.  If you're familiar with New York City you know that its a city full of culture, fashion, and music.  Audubon embraces the city in his music and you can hear the classic NY hip-hop sound pumping through his veins.  His latest offering to the public is entitled Le Trap Affair.  This project is a mix of sample chops, heavy drums, picture perfect lyricism, and some dope melodies to go along with it.
This mixtape delivers on so many levels.  What I appreciate the most, however, is the projects genuineness and natural feel.  Audubon is able to go from rapping to singing so seamlessly.  Where I feel he shines most is over sample looped beats with classic drum patterns (Fara Fawcett for example); still, the airy beats allow him to show multiple parts of himself through background vocals and strong lead vocals.
Despite the multitude of sounds on this project, Audubon never strays from his New York roots and gives us that classic hip-hop feel, on tracks like Chopped Cheese (visuals below).
Overall, Le Trap Affair is a great listen and a breath of fresh air.  Audubon delivers a project that is better than most industry rappers LP's. I hope to hear more from Audubon in the future and see more visuals released from this mixtape.
Standout Tracks: Fara Fawcett, On the Line, In Shadows, Not So Perfect, Panic Park, Chopped Cheese
Rating: 9/10
Visit Le-Trap.com to download the full Mixtape.