January 23, 2015

J. Cole x Joey BadA$$ - OverStand

Two great lyricists, thinkers, and poets get on a song together and make history.  Overstand is a song about rising above normal thoughts, rising above physical situations and limitations, and transcending the norm.  Joey and Cole drop some gems on this song that can be taken to the bank of your memory and be cashed out infinitely.  These two are changing the way the hip-hop game is perceived. Maybe sometimes you listen to them and don't understand what they're trying to say; that's ok, you dont have to understand... Overstand.  OK, You got me it's still Friday, this song is a fantasy; but Joey Bada$$ did express that he had wanted J. Cole on his last album.  Well, even if it didn't come to fruition this go around, doesn't mean its out the question forever.