January 17, 2015

Superego Saturday: Top 10 Notorious Criminal Rappers

It is no secret that crime and rap sometimes go hand in had.  Unfortunately, sometimes this crime catches up to some rappers.  I have compiled a list of the most Notorious Criminal Rappers; those who have a rap sheet (no pun intended) for being involved with criminal activity.

1. T.I.- This guy Tip has been to prison multiple times and always comes out on top when he is released.  Those bars never stopped the talent and never stopped him from dropping number 1 hits consistently. 

2. Max B- Free the Wave, Free Max, Free Wavy Crockett... those are a few terms you will here for the next decade.  Max B is a legendary hip-hop figure/character.  It's sad he got locked.

3. Lil Boosie- Free Boosie has been a term said by every rapper since he got locked.  Boosie is arguably one of the realest to come out the south.  His unique voice, fierce lyrics, and genuine character make a notorious criminal rapper.

4. Shyne- He took the wrap for Diddy.  A Bad Boy legend... until he made ill comments about Kendrick.  Either way this notorious criminal rapper will go down in the history books.

5. Lil Wayne-  Weezy got locked and Drake took over the game.  His bars have become worse since he was released from Rykers, but the abundance of Free Weezy shirts that were on the market helped him make this list.

6. DMX- DMX is a very disturbed individual.  OK maybe thats a bit harsh; he's a very talented individual who got involved with the wrong things.

7. Meek Mill- Meek just got out and his reception has been well.  He got locked right before the released date of his album; how unfortunate.  Fortunately, I feel he will have a great comeback.

8. Gucci Mane- "Are you guilty?" "B*tch I might be"

9. Beanie Sigel- A notorious goon, a great rapper, a legend from Roc-a-Fella.  He recently got shot; hope he is doing better.  I also hope to hear some new music from this notorious criminal rapper.

10. Prodigy- What can I say about this guy. All I remember is when he was locked up he was bad-mouthing the Illuminati.  Oh yea, he's one half of the legendary group called Mobb Deep.