December 30, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Google Self-Driving Car Project

This week's Tech Tuesday presents tech giant Google and that latest on its Self-Driving Car Project. Google has been road-testing autonomous cars since 2012, however this week the company is to unveil its first fully functional prototype for a driverless vehicle. 
The driverless prototype and the test models are loaded with some of the following equipment and features to ensure safety and efficiency: 
  • A LIDAR system that maps the surrounding area in 3D to precision within a single inch, allowing the car to “see” without headlights
  • Upgrades to the lane, parking and collision prevention assistance
  • GPS connection 
  • Connectivity to server farms for high-load tasks so the car never suffers from lag
  • Radar to measure the speed of nearby vehicles
  • Internal sensors to track car speed and direction to figure its position according to dead reckoning as well as GPS connect

Tune into the video below for a closer look.