December 19, 2014

Fantasy Friday: Space Jam 2

As a child, seeing the one and only Michael Jordan in the same movie as Bugs Bunny was a classic moment that can't be put into words.  Space Jam came out 18 years ago and is still arguably one of the best basketball movies created.  When MJ stretched his arm out for that dunk, we all went crazy.

Imagine a recreation of Space Jam, maybe entitled Space Jam 2.  Of course Michael Jordan is past that stage in his life; but Kobe, on the brink of retirement would be perfect for the roll.  Kobe just recently passed Jordan on the all time scoring list, which is a huge feat. He has also been considered the second best after Jordan (sorry Lebron).  Let's give the new generation a classic like the one we experienced.  I know what you're thinking, Why not Lebron? He is younger and at the peak of his career.  Here's why not Lebron; because he already put on the best acting performance of his career in this video below.