December 06, 2014

Superego Saturday: Seattle Launches Les Femmes Capsule

This past Saturday, the Northwest Superego family celebrated the launch of the "Les Femmes Sont Au Centre De Tout" line, set to debut this Monday, Dec. 8. The night was met with cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and a crowd eager to appreciate. In honor of this capsule, seven featured female performers took stage, each representing the strength, independence and beauty the Les Femmes line draws such influence from.

Les Femmes celebrates women and their allies around the globe, now and throughout history. The imagery and symbols throughout the line depict female beauty and strength, and pay tribute the special energy of the woman. The line draws awareness to the male and female roles throughout history, recognizing we live during a time where together we must raise the female up, allowing her to reach her full potential like we have done for male. A balance of energies, the yin and the yang. 

This is an especially meaningful capsule which was celebrated during an equally special night. High energies, heartfelt performances, people bringing their talents and beliefs to the table. The true #CFADC way. Take a look at the pictures from the night, and be sure to get your Les Femmes gear when it drops this Monday. 

Superego is the family. #CFADC is the motto. Sustainability is the lifestyle and #EverydayQueens is the new movement. Join us.