December 14, 2014

Sustainable Sunday: Goodwell Toothbrush

This week's Sustainable Sunday presents the Goodwell Toothbrush, so sustainable that it's guaranteed for life. That's right, you never have to replace your toothbrush again. The Goodwell toothbrush is made of medical grade aluminum and polished bamboo composite. It also has charcoal bristles made of Binchotan, which is a material that deflects negative ions, removes plaque and attacks the causes of bad breath. Parents can also track the toothbrushing activities of their children by using the optional in-built data tracker. 
The starter toothbrush kit costs $69 while the Hacker/Tracker kit costs $149. The Goodwell is an innovative way to combat the waste and expense of disposable products and also to bring data-tracking and hacking to a daily task. Find out more about Goodwell in the video below: