November 29, 2014

Can You Graph it? (Rapper Chains)

It's no secret, rappers and chains go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether big or small,  a rapper adorning a shiny piece of jewelry is entitling, empowering, and almost necessary. We have seen everything from Drake's small jewish chain, to Rick Ross's face chain.  We have even seen rappers wearing other rappers chains that they gained via brute force or through some goon affiliation.  Stolen chains add another dimension to the rapper chain game.  Let's see if we can graph this out.

The facts:

1. Conscious or non-hood rappers are more likely to go for a smaller type of chain (purchased with their hard earned rap money)

2. The larger chains are usually adorned by "get money" or "hood" rappers, with the exception of Jay-z who simply has a buttload of money.

3. Large stolen chains are the ultimate form of realness.  If you can take a large chain from the neck of another rapper and have the audacity to rock it publicly, you are simply the man.

4. Nobody steals small chains. Large chains are almost always the focus of chain thievery.