November 29, 2014

Superego Saturday: Who Will Survive In America?

With the fateful decision in Ferguson this past week, people around the world stood in solidarity with Mike Brown as the Justice System showed once again that there is no justice for people of color in the land of the free and the home of the brave. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, Superego will be boycotting doing sales promotions to encourage more awareness and responsibility over profiteering on those that visit our site. 

At this time it is important for those seeking to purchase products to be a part of a culture, to understand what their culture of consumerism is reflecting. Shaun King elucidates the egregiousness of what has passed as media spins a disarray of disinformation around the facts to numb the masses and keep people shopping, lined up at the stores instead of marching on the streets.





Superego's Art Director and New York Artivist, Walter Cruz picked up the brush and then took to the streets in NY where over a 1,000 people strong marched and shut down the FDR in unison on the night of the announcement.


"This is our time. There is no time for couch critics. If you want to see change, get on your feet and do something. Hit the streets. Write to your representatives. Work in conjunction with local organizations. This system wasn't built to help brown folk, it was built to disenfranchise and destroy us. It wasn't built to support ALL people. Let's stop focusing on black rage and start focusing the very real white rage that created the system we are forced to function within. I'm tired of living in a country where a person of color is killed every 28 hrs. Time for a change. The revolution is coming, make sure you're on the right side of history when it does." - Walter Cruz



At the front of the crowd was Walter Cruz, with those dearest to him. "I want to dedicate my artistic talents to helping others out and shining light on others for good. Would be awesome to do a mural, painting or project. This time more than ever I want to get my Who Will Survive In America campaign off the ground."

We are all vehicles for unity, whether its through our voice, our art or our choices, now more than ever, we must step up to destroy the deplorable and apathetic narratives that tell us that taking black lives is okay, just business as usual, and create a new identity for which the world can relate and belong.