November 15, 2014

Superego Saturday: Can You Graph It? (Drunkness)

If you're a drinker or have been around those who drink, you know that there are different stages of drunkenness.  On this installment of Can You Graph It? we examine just that.  We all know that annoying drunk that gets belligerent and hard to control; and we also know that person that is a responsible drinker.  Where do you fall? Where on the graph would make it a "good night" for you? Check it out below!

There a few things we can note about this graph:

1.  If you are a conscious and calm drunk, that is a cool state to be in.

2. Calm and blackout will result in some really good sleep.

3.  Belligerent and blackout may leave you waking up with a black eye, or two.


So, I pose the question again, where on the graph would you want your perfect drunk to be at? Let us know!