November 14, 2014

Fantasy Friday: Lil Wayne- Da Drought Album

So I hear Lil Wayne has an album coming out soon. I hear that album is called, Carter V. I also hear that Lil Wayne can't rap anymore and that he is washed up. I hear all of these things, and all of it is true.  My problem with Lil Wayne is that his decline as a lyricist was drowned out by his album sales and marketing. He has a new clothing brand, ESPN connect, Mountain Dew Sponsership, the list goes on.
There was a time when Tunechi was known as Weezy. There was a time when his raw lyrics and metaphors on relevant industry beats made us lose our minds. There was a time when mixtapes were more important than albums.
Let's bring back that time.
Weezy, come back. Put out an album that resonates with your old fans; the fans that listened to Carter 1 & 2, and fell in love with Da Drought 3. The ones that had every song on repeat. Make Da Drought Album; an album that is purely fire bars and no filler.  Do it for us, do it for hip-hop, do it for Fantasy Friday.