November 11, 2014

MOM to the Rescue

This week's Tech Tuesday continues, introducing MOM: The inflatable Incubator for premature babies, designed by young inventor James Roberts. After learning that a substantial measure of the infant mortality rate in refugee camps are attributed to insufficient incubation, James was inspired to create this inexpensive, electronically-controlled device. 
MOM has a number of advantages over current incubators used for refugee camps; it can provide the same performance as first world incubation systems and complies with British incubation standards. Its inflatability allows the incubator to be easily broken down and transported to refugee camps. The electronic components use little power and can be operated without a main power source for over 24 hours. Among other perks, Roberts’ design can be manufactured, tested and delivered to a camp all for just £250 (around $396 US), compared to the normal cost of around £30,000.