October 26, 2014

Superego Sunday: Can You Graph it? (Dissing)

Welcome to the 2nd installment of Can You Graph it?  This week we bring you Dissing, plotted on an X and Y axis.  Dissing is something that has been around for centuries and has been done by everyone. Contrary to popular belief, not all dissing is bad. So, how can we set up a graph so precise that any type of dissing (or person who is doing the dissing) can be placed in a certain quadrant of the graph.  Check out what we have come up with.

Obviously, this graph doesn't have any actually plotted points, but let's examine the setup.  Someone in the upper right quadrant would be doing the best form of dissing (genuine and to your face); this is what real friends should do.  In the lower right quadrant, sneak dissing would be plotted considering that although the diss is genuine and holds merit, it is being done behind ones back (Fake friends are known to indulge in this activity).  In the lower left quadrant is the worst kind of dissing; not only does the diss hold no merit, it also done behind the back of the dissie.  Lastly, the upper left quadrant would represent haters.  They are the ones making up false claims and dissing you with unmerited material, AND they have the nerve to do it to your face!?! Haters!

Well that pretty much sums up this weeks Can You Graph it? Stick around for more entertaining graphs in the future and remember, try to stay in that upper right quadrant folks.