October 13, 2014



Mistakes. Make a few and they’ll remember you. Don’t make enough and they’ll get suspicious. All they begin to worry about is when you’ll slip up. The world will put the pressure on you, and question if you can hold your ground.

The trick is to become ignorant. Ignore what’s said, ignore the trends, and ignore failure. That gut feeling you get, that single hunch that doesn’t let you sleep, is worth a million more dollars than hopping on the overcrowded train car full of cookie cutter imitations that believe they are the prototype.

The pressure will still be there, especially after experiencing any form of success. The world will watch, they’ll witness you progressing, and then they’ll target you. All you have to do is switch up your approach.

The audience will always try to predict your next move, so hit them unexpectedly. Instead of coming out of your corner swinging punches, start throwing boulders. People will be left dumbfounded, and you are automatically put on a platform on which you can’t be judged.

The wisest are always full of surprises.

-The MuffinMilk Crew