October 13, 2014

Motivational Monday: The Moksha Philosophy


A new day. A new season. A fresh week. Monday. Inherent in nature to new beginnings. 


Do you ever feel like dropping everything and making a clean break? Will it work, or will you feel entangled? Would it be responsible? On the other hand, can claims of being responsible be excuses for not moving forward? 


Why do we sometimes remain attached to situations that give us pain?


In Indian and Hindu religions, there is a central philosophy called Moksha. Meaning, essentially, release. Release from the cycle of death and rebirth. Liberation from the bonds of your own past deeds (karma.)


Moksha is the self-realization, and the self-permission to set yourself free. To let go. Rather than an escape from reality, Moksha helps to free us from the fear of death, taking us into a world beyond categories. It comes from self-knowledge and consciousness and is the fourth and ultimate artha (goal) in hindu religion. The first goal, dharma (to perform ones worldly duties) moves towards the the second goal, artha ( to acquire material wealth) which bring us to the third, kama (to realize desire.) The acknowledgement of these arthas moves us towards the fourth and ultimate goal, moksha. To liberate and release, to find perfect inner freedom. Moksha is the transcendence of all the arthas. 


Do you ever feel that you are not really free, even when you appear to be enjoying yourself? What is the nature of freedom? 


How can you, today and this week, guide your life to move towards your own Moksha. 


Jaclyn Norton