September 22, 2014



Sometimes you wonder… Who do you do it for & why do you do it? Is it truly for yourself or is it for those who didnt believe you could do it? Do you prove a point or do you achieve and accomplishment?

We all have a perception that we might be doing it for ourselves.,and if you truly are, then keep doing you out of the necessity of getting the feeling out, especially true in art.

The rest of us have a reason. It may be that we need to feed our families, get back at old girlfriends, or because we can’t let our people down. The families that are hungry, the girlfriends that doubted us, and the team that depends on us all drive us to work these late nights and drive ourselves to the point where only success exists.

Just know why it is you hustle, and don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself. It’ll only drive you harder.

-The MuffinMilk Crew