September 17, 2014

Wall-to-Wall Wednesday: Apollo Mighty - IX [Album Review]

Apollo Mighty, singer/songwriter from Memphis, closed out the summer with his extraordinary EP, "IX," the third and final installment of his trilogy "Project 369." This album as well as the previous EP "VI," is available for stream and download via This weeks' Wall-to-Wall Wednesday features the "IX," full track-by-track album review:
1. "Intro": The prayer introduction is pretty captivating but the beat drop really draws you in. This track is the biggest tease of all, with a duration of only 1 minute and 17 seconds, fans that taste are simply thirsty for a full song here. - (5/10)
2. "Valley": This composition is among my list of favorites as it vividly illustrates the struggles of life and highlights the mentally strong as having the ability to survive. The chorus features a portion of the biblical quote, Psalm 23:4, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil..." - (10/10)
3. "Live.Do.Pray": This single embodies a powerful message: some people will hate, others may love, but all I can do is live, continue to do, and pray. The chorus is rather catchy as it aligns well with the song-title. Below is a live performance of the fan favorite at the Artistik Lounge in Memphis, TN: - (7/10)
4. "Living": Although short, I'm quite fond of this song as it takes me deeper into the life experience of Apollo. - (8/10)
5. "Ascend": This track is my second favorite. THINK ELEVATION! Apollo Mighty is going to the top, who is going with? - (10/10)
6. "Change": This song epitomizes truth and captures the theme, "Identity." - (7/10)
7. "Last Song feat. Yoji": Emphasizes the transition from captivity to freedom. Here is another live performance: - (6/10)
8. "To The Sky feat. Terrell Sharkey": Another enchanting composition depicting Apollo's life-experience as a music artist as well as his prevailing faith in God. The song is well complimented by the fluctuating jazz tunes. - (7/10)  
9. "Sunrise feat. Jon Paul Lewis": The clincher; the overall favorite; the transcendent! Featured below is the mashup "Darkside of the Moon," from previous EP, "VI," and "Sunrise:" - (10/10)
Each song delivers an exceptional message corresponding with life, love, liberty, and God. So many of the tracks are remix worthy; just waiting to be complimented with a lyrically stunning feature. Overall, "IX," earns a rating of (7.78/10). I can't help but think of this peculiar cross between John Legend and The Weeknd when I listen to Apollo. With proper promotion and the Lord by his side, Mr. Mighty, will rise and rule.
Prepare for the Sun!