August 29, 2014

Fantasy Song Friday: The Weeknd ft. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - The Height Club

While fans have witnessed the highly anticipated collaboration of the critically acclaimed music artists and cannabis-consumption advocates, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa; as well as that of Wiz and The Weekend, we have yet to see a composition that comprises each of the hip-hop/r&b icons.
We the people crave such a hit and this week's Fantasy Song Friday attempts to satisfy our munchies, introducing "The Height Club." The track-title seems most appropriate as it procreates the acronym, "T.H.C." The song itself could illustrate The Weekend, Snoop as well as Wiz reaching the greatest heights of being doped up via marijuana usage, and hence forming some sort of league of pot-smokers. The legendary Snoop Dogg could spark it up with the intro and initial verse. Wiz Khalifa could follow-up and blaze the second verse, but not before The Weekend cross fades and compliments the transition with a mesmerizing chorus. The track might conclude with The Weekend in a final verse which integrates into the chorus. The song could serve as the anthem for stoners and would definitely make for a phenomenal music video, causing the following to seem like nothing more than stepping stones: