August 27, 2014

The Mysterious Laissez Capono: Raising the Barz

Raising the Barz 

  You call it a poem, I call it a passage and he calls it a verse.

Either way it involves some body, so let’s call it a hearse.

I keep shitting out a gift, every time I swallow a curse.

If these hollows follow your shirt, you better follow the nurse.


  Right now, you’re behind enemy lines.

And in the vicinity of a proximity mine.

My mind: entered a course and got blown infinite times.

But yours doesn't have to be fucked up like mine; virginity’s fine.


  It’s to be or not to be, limited or limitless.

Consider this, my company’s share: generous.

Presenting this for equity; you should get more than a percent of this.

It’s arduous to have a “Proud Family,” when everyone in it penniless.  


Preventing this is a difficult task.

It got these niggaz willing to blast just as quick as the Flash.

Now a victim crippled in cast; a cyclical crash.

Death is aiming to catch ‘em all; turning niggaz to Ash.

"The Clash"

Laissez Capono