August 24, 2014

The Mysterious Laissez Capono: Cyclical Provocation

Cylical Provocation

Everything is intertwined and everyone is interconnected.

One must first learn the laws, and then educate their perspective.

Play the detective; research for sure, lock in, analyze what’s reflected.

Then it’s Kareem-Abdul Jabbar…the center perfected.


Now if you’re ready to take that drive, the path is waiting.

It’s ironic that this passage provides navigation.

I mapped it out; to inspire is my only aspiration.

There’s so much creativity and imagination throughout this massive nation.

We’re cut from a different cloth, no fabrication.


The next stretch is fire; YOGA FLAME! Beware the wrath of Satan.

Refer to 12:12 Revelations so you can grasp this painting:

Shunned from the top to the bottom, and hence you feel your Ancient Master aint shit.

So now you challenge the master with a brazen statement.

But face it, displacement reaped from misplacement.

And that notion had only stemmed from your mass impatience.


You awaited but aint wait for what awaited you; the irony of procrastination.  

 As a result, you evaded what was made for you, and thus the aggravation.

It’s pervasive, which allows antagonist to be so invasive and persuasive in cases

Example: Do you react with violence to a racist?

Laissez Capono