August 24, 2014

Pharrell x Bionic Yarn Team Up With G-Star Raw

Super-producer Pharrell is known for his ability to work with anyone when it comes the music, and his contributions to the fashion world are gaining the same attention. Pharrell along with his company Bionic Yarn (which flips used plastic into fibers and thread for clothing) have teamed up with G-Star Raw to create a collection called Raw For The Oceans. 

The collection has reportedly used over 10 tons of recycled plastic to produce and features "Otto the Octopus" as the mascot. From all the released promotional materials, it seems that Pharrell has been personally involved very closely, which just adds to his persona. Instead of simply speaking out about the need to save the oceans or simply raising money for the effort, which is usually diluted though charity employees by the time it reaches the cause, Bionic Yarn created a sustainable model.