August 25, 2014

Facekini: The Goon Inspired Swimwear

The ski-mask: An item less recognized as ski gear but more as a staple for countless bank robbers & criminals who don't want to be identified. The idea of it is somewhat terrifying, unless you're the one wearing it. People who wear ski-masks in public aren't always the most approachable. Yet, in Asia, they used the ski-mask to inspire something much greater and possibly creepier: The Facekini.

Before going into details, let's discuss the cultural context of this new trend of wearing swimwear over your face. In many Asian countries, white skin is valued as a higher status symbol, whereas having darker or tan skin signifies that the individual works outdoors, such as farming, and is associated with a lower social status. In an effort to protect their skin from the sun, many Chinese wear these Facekinis to maintain that white skin. 

The fashion innovation originated in a north-east city of Qingdao, and has developed into growing market,with numerous variations including animal printed & neon colored Facekinis. While it does do the work of sunscreen & hats, the Facekini makes it harder to spot the cuties in the sand or by the pool. Can't wait to see these all over the Las Vegas day clubs. 

Maybe they were inspired by hip-hop artists?