August 31, 2014


We are the apartment building babies. If you’re from New York, then you know that living space is limited. We all grew up in these low grade apartments, with sketchy dudes standing around in the hallway and piss covered staircases. And if we had elevators, they’d take forever and also be piss covered, and would get stuck every other day.

As much as we despise these looking back, as kids we didn’t know anything different. It was our world. Your neighbors lived next door to you, and you would throw out the garbage in the trash chute out in the hallway. It was as we got older and went to our classmates homes, did we realize that there were environments better than this. Apartments on the top floors and houses with clover green garden backyards. This was the American ideal. This is what we knew we had to achieve.

In a sense, living in that apartment building made us hungry for more. We were raised in environments that weren’t made for us so that we can adapt to anything we encounter. Look where it took us. And the funny thing is, we’re still living there.

-The MuffinMilk Crew