August 28, 2014


You want the key to success? Fuck adversity.

Nothing is impossible. If someone in your circle tells you that something can’t be done, please leave them behind. Negativity and perception of impossibility is the number one reason so many things don’t get done.

When you have some crazy idea, invention, contraption, or approach to something, don’t even question it. Of course you gotta make sure it’s worth the risk and consider pros and cons, but there’s never a crazy idea. Never an impossible one either. If there was, we wouldn’t be here today, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Don’t question, just carry out the task. If it’s a miserable failure, at least you had the balls to do it. No one can tell you shit. Too many people tell us about sick ideas that have potential, but end up backing out because they didn’t have the resources. Fuck resources. Look at America, we are trillions in debt and still the number one country haha. Take that as inspiration.

Lesson: If something doesn’t work, make it fucking work.

-The MuffinMilk Crew