August 27, 2014

BMW Installs Solar-Power Charging Station

Beemer, Benz, or Bentley? In this case, it's the Beemer, as BMW, along with German design firm EIGHT has revealed an incredibly sleek charging station for electric cars that runs on solar power. A sustainable station for sustainability. The canopy like station is full of LED lights that change with each user and tells you if someone's already using it (similar to an airplane bathroom except for the naked flight attendant in there with you). 

The integrated touch screen provides a wide array of information including a charging strategy that indicates how long a charge will last, whether or not the current charge will get to your destination, and when you should next charge up. The solar energy that is not used for charging is then sent back to a power grid for distribution to other users. 

While this pilot station is currently only available in Munich, its success may lead to the next generation of electric vehicles and increase their value against the gas guzzlers.