August 15, 2014

Fantasy Song Friday: Clipse- Caine and Abel

We all know Malice went to the Lord, and Pusha T went to Kanye West; but what we don't know is if the Clipse will ever get back together for a collab.  This weeks Fantasy Song Friday reunites the Clipse for a very meaningful and metaphorical track.  In the Bible, Cain and Abel are the sons of Adam and Eve and are blood brothers.  Abel is very devoted to God and, out of jealousy, is killed by his brother Cain.

In a way, the Clipse are like Cain and Abel.  One is obviously more religious and the other has a dark side (Pusha T's music has been known to have a dark vibe to it).  Bring cocaine into the equation, hence the usage of 'Caine', and you have a very relevant comparison.  Pusha T's last mixtape was actually entitled "The Wrath of Caine", some coincidence huh.

Either way, Bible story or not, we would love to see these two brothers with amazing talent on the same song again... and possibly the same album.  Why? Because together they make masterpieces like this...