August 10, 2014

The Mysterious Laissez Capono: Evgoodil


Level 1: you will come know vice as I begin this shit.

The game doesn’t come to an end, the rounds are infinite.

We deliver them in increments in conflicting predicaments, playing at our own expense and feel like we benefit.

Militant; salute us or shoot us because we’re not innocent.

Then again, I haven’t popped off…well maybe in a sense.

My bro told me to send him in first.

Remember the first synonyms, from the start: level 1, NOVICE, back to beginning this.


In genesis, he blessed us with light; how generous.

I just extended blessings by enlightening all interests.

And the risk, nothing but stones.

That ground image came from all them niggaz tossing the rocks; wild scrimmages.


Let me zone out for a couple “YEAHS!”

In Time, Limitless

Now you’ll see the green when I write, through slime penmanship.

Sublime mentalist, fine feminist, why reminisce?

That was just a ramble to rhyme.


To my nemesis:

I brought this for support, but it will lean you like a kickstand.

Big BLAM, struggle, suffer faster like its quicksand.

That’s the worst, double-cursed; you’ll be in some shit-dam.

You hip fam? You hit fam; I have to get you hit fam.


1hunnit I equipped can, but the fact that I didn’t have to be a shooter had registered once the shit scanned.

The biscuit should have knocked jelly out the belly, but the shit jammed.

So I switched plans to get grand’s, scheming on a big scam.

My mom’s mom is not an acrobat, but I flipped grams.


Those were my afflictions.

I thought I was a victim; but I was just a culprit in a system, submissive to addictions.

I am no clinician, but here is my prediction:

If the mind is confined, the body will reap conviction.  

Laissez Capono