July 21, 2014

Seeing Isn't Believing

We’ve all heard the quote “Appearances are deceiving.” We usually apply this to people who are categorized as something they’re not in reality. But what about pictures? We often believe what we see in photos immediately and accept our version of the truth. After all, “seeing is believing.”

Look at the photo above. What do you see? It looks as if a man is commanding a team of workers to accomplish a task. He almost looks like a dictator with his finger pointed. The picture makes him seem like a boss, or even some kind of asshole.

Here’s the story: On the Lower East Side (NYC), there’s a man who operates a fruit stand. He accidently bumped his stand and a bunch of fruit came tumbling down onto the street. Feeling pity for the guy, a bunch of people ran across the street to help him pick up his fruit. The picture you see is the kindness of the strangers which assisted. Seems that there are still good people in this world. Besides us of course haha.

Just know that seeing is not believing. Always check your facts before you get checked. At least that’s what the streets taught us.

-The MuffinMilk Crew