July 01, 2014

Ambro- Something for Everybody (Album Stream & Review)

Ambro, the young spitter from Boston, gives us a 5 track album for our listening pleasure.  The project is called Something for Everybody, and is aptly titled.  While the whole album is more classic and less experimental, each song has a different vibe to it.  What makes the whole project cohesive is the lyricism and consistent flow that Ambro delivers.  He is not short of metaphors, which I feel at times is a dying art in hip-hop today.  The intro song "Don't Fake the Funk" is an impressive display of flow and lyrics and leaves you wondering will Ambro ever run out of bars.  To me, the stand out tracks are "Doing Me" and "Everything"; these show Ambro's ability to switch subject matter without compromising his flow.  Overall, Something for Everybody is a dope listen. I would like to see Ambro take bigger risks on the production side of things, but this project is smooth and a nice change from all the fast-food hip-hop that is being fed to us. Check it out below!