July 01, 2014

Flip Billboards Into Living Spaces

Billboards are everywhere. They remind you about that latest movie coming out, show you how your girlfriend is "supposed" to look, and make you feel bad about your car. As sad as it is, the billboard infrastructure is massive, especially inside urban areas. And honestly, they take up a lot of space simply for commercial purposes.  

But what if you were able to convert these billboards into living spaces? And not for more hipsters to move in, but for something else cities have a lot of: the homeless population. This is the idea proposed by PROJECT GREGORY, a pitch to advertisers and billboard owners to take on that challenge. Plus, they've done much of work already, putting together visualizations of how it would look, and even released blueprints.

Think about it. It eliminates the need to constantly have to build new shelters and allows for the optimization of space that already exists. Also, since billboards are already illuminated, a percentage of this power can be diverted to provide electricity inside the living space. The world's getting smaller, but there's plenty of ways to expand it.