June 30, 2014

Bench Bedrooms vs Anti-Homeless Spikes

The city of Vancouver has a totally different approach of dealing with homelessness than a Tesco Market in London that installed anti-homeless spikes outside the building. Instead of pushing homeless pedestrians away, Raincity Housing invites the homeless to get some rest on their benches.

When people got wind of the anti-homeless spikes in London, many protesters cemented over them, seeing them as cruel and inhumane.  Raincity realizes that homeless people sleep on benches when they can't find better shelter; so they designed a makeshift roof to safeguard them from the elements.  This is a clear example of two totally different viewpoints in action.  It's also a clear display of how design can change the well-being of others.  We commend Raincity for recognizing that homelessness isn't a nuisance but a problem that we need to work together to solve, and until it is solved we can at least be sympathetic towards the homeless and their unfortunate situation.