June 23, 2014

Road to Total Slaughter Ep. 1

Road to Total Slaughter is not the first Battle Rap Reality Show, but it is by far the most relevant.  The show, hosted by Eminem and the SlaughterHouse crew, takes the top battle rappers and pins them against each other.  They all live in the same house, they battle each other, and are judged by rap group SlaughterHouse.  It will be interesting to see the drama unfold in the house as the rappers' egos come into play.  I think a fight between Daylyt and someone else is very probable.  The show includes T-Rex, Loaded Lux, Murda Mook, Math Hoffa, and Aye verb just to name a few.  Check out Episode 1 above and stay tuned for Episode 2 which will be premiering on FuseTV this Wednesday 12 am Eastern Time.