June 25, 2014

oPhone: Send Smells By Text

Recent years have seen text messaging go from difficult, slow, and nonessential to simple, extremely fast, and user friendly. Text is text, but what if you can send even more? 

People are constantly taking pictures of their meals (which is mad annoying) and sending it to all their contacts, whom eventually reply, either out of hunger or passive emotion "OMG THAT LOOKS SOOOO GOOD!" Now imagine, you can send the SCENT of the food as well. A new company called oPhone is doing just that via their IndieGoGo campaign.

The oPhone can hold up to 32 different scents to create over 300,000 aromas, using eight chips that hold four smells similar to printer cartridges. 

This is how it works:

1. First, both users download the free oSnap app.

2.One person then takes a picture and chooses “tags” for the smells.

3. Once they send it to the other users, they can play the scent on their oPhone. 

Unfortunately, right now, there’s no way to send harsh or unpleasant scents since there's only food smell chips. But just wait till the oPhone becomes another tool in the troll closet! Sexting could turn pretty nasty too. 

Would you use the oPhone?